Karen James Skyguide

Astrology Lessons and Sessions

Karen is a professional astrologer and teacher

Karen began her astrology studies in 2004 with Dr Melita Yvonne Dyason in Durban, following my Modern Psychological Astrology with the late Noel Tyl and then completed Rod Suskin’s comprehensive three year Diploma in Astrological Studies in 2014. She discovered Carolyn Egan’s Weather Astrology course in 2014 which led her to explore this ancient astrology in depth and led to her Weather Astrology Courses – basic and advanced.

Karen offers inspirational sky guidance!

By decoding the sky patterns for you, Karen can help you to understand more about your life purpose, what your key needs are, what vocation is best suited to you, which partners are compatible for you.

Finding Your Earth SuperPowers

A sky and hand map to Financial Security..

Finding your Water SuperPowers

A Sky and Hand Map to Emotional Balance.

Finding your Fire SuperPowers

 A Sky and Hand Map to Creativity, Enthusiasm and Efficient Action.

Finding your Air SuperPowers

A Sky and Hand Map to Focussed Intellect and Effective Communication.

Finding you Aether SuperPowers

A Sky and Hand Map to Authentic Spiritual Seeking.

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