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Astrology Lessons and Sessions

Karen is a professional astrologer and teacher

Karen began her astrology studies in 2004 with Dr Melita Yvonne Dyason in Durban, following my Modern Psychological Astrology with the late Noel Tyl and then completed Rod Suskin’s comprehensive three year Diploma in Astrological Studies in 2014. She discovered Carolyn Egan’s Weather Astrology course in 2014 which led her to explore this ancient astrology in depth and led to her Weather Astrology Courses – basic and advanced.



Karen offers inspirational sky guidance!

By decoding the sky patterns for you, Karen can help you to understand more about your life purpose, what your key needs are, what vocation is best suited to you, which partners are compatible for you.

Relationship Astrology

Karen loves to help you to understand more about your relationships with your life partner, with your children, with business partners and colleagues using the guidance found in your sky patterns.

Where in the world should I be?

Using locational astrology, Karen can guide you as to where you will achieve optimal results in your career. If you’re looking for a suitable life partner, she can suggest which places will to take a holiday which will enhance your chances of finding the right person.

Natal Astrology

the sky under which you are born becomes a blue print which Karen can decode for you in all the major life areas. This is the promise of your whole life and provides great insight into optimal career, most suited life partner, what home will best suit your needs. The Look Forward expands on this birth chart.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Karen is an exceptional and generous teacher. Not only did I enjoy every minute of this enriching course and broaden my knowledge of astrology, but I also learned to understand certain concepts of astronomy and broaden my knowledge of Solar Fire. This 12 week course of jam-packed absolutely fascinating information would benefit any astrologer.

Sue Goutier


You have done some amazing research for this course, I am honoured to be one of your foundation students.
Not only have I honed my general Astrology skills, but I have learnt a very important part of Mundane astrology, Weather astrology and as Vivian Robson calls it Astro Meteorology.

This course has taught me gifts when it comes to using my Astrology program, so many different applications I have seen before but never knew how to find, or even use them.
The amount of information and notes you have supplied to us as a class has been more than generous, you have spent hours perfecting these notes that are of a very high quality.

The weekly lessons where we spend a fascinating hour watching you present using fabulous slides about our lesson. This followed by the Question and Answer hour is very useful.

I highly recommend your Weather course, even to those who are just interested in learning new skills, Karen you have been so patient with us and then delighted to enjoy our success as we start to predict weather. You are one of a kind, and your course is totally unique. Thank you is not enough.

Laurie Naughtin


I heard about Karen through a friend of mine and had my Natal chart read (for the first time ever) in 2016. At the time I found the experience affirming and really accurate. Some of the things Karen said gave me confidence to follow through on tough decisions. It also gave me hope and I was able to stick to my guns in making my dreams come true. Even when things got challenging. Most of what was discussed came to fruition.

It is now 2020 and I have just listen to the recording again and come to realise new insights, looking back. I can honestly recommend Karen as she is down to earth and authentic. Her passion shines through and she really does care – which actually enhanced the whole experience.

JD, South Africa

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